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Project report for agri clinic is as follows.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India, in collaboration with NABARD, has started a one-of-a-kind campaign to provide improved agricultural practices to every farmer in the country.

This programme aims to tap the expertise available in the large pool of Agricultural Graduates, regardless of whether they are fresh graduates or not, or whether they are currently employed so that they can open their own Agri-clinic or Agri-business Centre and provide professional extension services to countless farmers.

Dedicated to this initiative, the government is currently giving start-up training to graduates in Agriculture or subjects related to Agriculture such as Horticulture, Sericulture, Veterinary Science, Forestry, Dairy, Poultry Farming, and Fisheries, among others.

Those who complete the course can qualify for special enterprise start-up loans. The scheme’s major goal is to offer farmers responsible extension services through technically educated agricultural graduates at the village level.

The plan has embraced the challenges of transforming agricultural graduates’ attitudes from job-consumers to job-producers.

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The government’s National Agricultural Policy prioritises the application of frontier sciences such as biotechnology, pre-and post-harvest technologies, adequate and timely supply of quality inputs such as seeds, fertilisers, plant protection chemicals, bio-pesticides and control agents, and agricultural machinery, as well as the strengthening of research and extension links.

In collaboration with the ICAR, National Agricultural Technology Center, to expedite the dissemination of agricultural technology to farmers and to create cropping system, research models.

The program, which is being funded by the World Bank, has already begun operations. However, a lack of appropriate people and equipment, the diminishing usefulness and efficiency of the Training and Visit (T & V) System, and a lack of professionalism have all had an impact on the country’s extension services.

The 9th Five Year Plan included programmes for quality development and skill up-gradation of extension staff for them to face increasing difficulties as a result of agricultural globalisation and commercialization. However, it was thought that there was a need to augment the efforts of the government extension system to speed the process of technology transfer in agriculture.

Aside from extension assistance, farmers require additional sources of input supply and services, for which they now rely on public sector agencies and receive less-than-satisfactory services. Since freedom, significant academic centres have been established to provide instruction in 11 agricultural disciplines at the undergraduate level, including agriculture, forestry, and horticulture.

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