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Project report for Agri farming is as follows.

Agriculture provides a living for around 58 per cent of India’s population. Agriculture, forests, and fisheries were expected to generate Rs. 19.48 lakh crore (US$ 276.37 billion) in FY20. Agriculture and associated industries contributed 17.8 per cent of India’s (GVA) at current prices in FY20. Following the pandemic-induced recession, consumer expenditure in India will return to rising in 2021, increasing by up to 6.6 per cent.

The Indian food sector is primed for massive development, with its contribution to global food commerce growing year after year due to its enormous potential for value addition, notably in the food processing business. The Indian food and grocery market is the world’s sixth-biggest, with retail accounting for 70% of total sales. The Indian food processing sector contributes for 32% of the country’s overall food market, is one of India’s key industries, and ranks fifth in terms of output, usage, export, and projected growth.

Market Potential Of Agri Farming

The government has set a target of 42.74 million tonnes from the central pool to be acquired in FY21, which is 10% greater than the amount purchased in FY20. Agriculture is a significant component of the Indian economy, both in terms of GDP output and as a source of employment for the majority of the country’s people. This industry now offers enormous potential, with India ranking as one of the world’s top agricultural producers in terms of value. Several changes have occurred in this industry during the last few decades. These include increasing organised sector penetration, contract farming expansion, agriculture becoming more automated, easy credit facilities, increased exports, usage of agrochemicals and high yielding crops, and so forth.

A growing role for the commercial sector in processing, branding, and marketing, among other things. .per cent India is the world’s second-most populous country, accounting for 18% of the total global population. The demand for diverse agricultural goods has expanded substantially as the population has grown. This increase has led farmers to embrace improved technology and practices in cattle, aquaculture, and cattle to fulfil the people’s diverse food demands. Furthermore, more than half of India’s population is dependent on agricultural goods, which is fueling market expansion.

Over the last few years, India’s GDP has steadily increased, increasing consumer disposable income. This growth has fueled the agricultural industry, both as a producer and as a consumer. Farmers have been able to spend more on modern agricultural infrastructure such as irrigation systems, premium seeds, equipment, fertilisers, warehousing, cold storage, and so on. It has also improved consumer spending power, which has boosted domestic demand for agricultural products.

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