Project report for Aluminium Fabrication


Project report for Aluminium Fabrication is as follows.

In most modern houses, aluminium-made items such as doors, windows, stairways, handrails and supports, corridors etc. are becoming the accepted standard feature.

The use of aluminium for responsive as well as decorative purposes in business and office structures, buildings, theatres, the auditorium is very detailed.

Comparably aluminium doors, windows, railings, grill works etc. have been used heavily in residential buildings as well.

Textile shops and other thinner materials trading shops are also going into aluminium shelves for tracking purposes.

Market potential & Strategy

The product produce by the client is

1) Aluminium staircase handle rail

2) Aluminium showcases

3) Racks and storage

4) Doors and Windows

5) Roofings

With the development and construction operations getting interconnected, there is wide potential for aluminium manufacturing units to meet the increasing demands for office, business and shopping complex theatres from new building.

In modern structures, aluminium manufactured and anodized items such as doors, windows, railings, staircases, ladders etc. are increasingly used on the basis of reliability and style aspects.

In the current trend, restaurants, shopping complexes, office premises and other lavish buildings are quickly replacing aluminium-fabricated wooden materials.

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