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Project report for Auto Loom is as follows.

The most important form of modern loom is the automatically replenished flat, or automatic, loom, which is available for a wide range of materials. Almost the majority of these looms replenish the shuttle by automatically replacing the exhausted bobbin with a full one. They are, in theory, the same as the automatic looms that were introduced towards the close of the nineteenth century. Automatic shuttle-changing looms have been invented since then, but they have essentially become obsolete because bobbin-changing looms have advanced to the point that they can handle most of the yarns for which shuttle-changing looms were originally believed necessary.

Aside from general engineering improvements, automatic looms have primarily evolved in terms of weft supply. The automatic bobbin loader, which feeds the loom with boxes of pinned (reeled) weft, and the automatic loom winder, which feeds the loom with big cones of yarn wrapped onto pirns at the loom, are both alternatives to the hand-replenished bobbin. Only specific yarns make these options technically and economically viable. As a result, all three forms of weft supply are still in use. When more than one colour of weft is employed, a series of vertical stacks is an alternative to the rotary battery.

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The insufficient power supply also affects this industry. Power usage in the Bhiwandi circle is roughly 2400 million units, with the Powerloom sector accounting for more than half of this. This region’s daily news has been about power outages. Although a reliable supply of power is critical to this industry’s survival, it is currently experiencing difficulties due to daily load shedding of 9-10 hours. The industry will lose 40 crores as a result of this. Workers are suffering as a result of the shortage, which is impacting their already low wages. Aside from that, lower-cost products are flooding the market, and industry is losing ground to them.

Industry leaders in the region have been pleading with the government for assistance in reviving the sector, and the current budget has given this stumbling industry light of hope. Mr Chidambaram, India’s Finance Minister, has identified Bhiwandi as one of six mega clusters to be developed. Bhiwandi will be developed as a power loom mega cluster, with a budget of Rs. 70 crore set up for infrastructure and production enhancements

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