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Amid a worldwide slowdown in automobile sales, the auto spare parts market is anticipated to be the industry’s major source of volume growth. It is also among the globe’s quickest expanding industries. Problems like increasing inflation and interest rates is projected to prevent people from buying cars, which would have an influence on the global vehicle spare parts market’s development.

Though the worldwide auto industry business presents a bleak image in terms of economic growth, there is a positive aspect, producers and distributors of automotive spare parts may transform this situation into a pool of new chances by strategically developing and implementing better business ideas. To take advantage of market possibilities, it is necessary to realign corporate strategy and conceive ideas, which might cause substantial market upheavals.

Because of the constant demand to remain current in an ever-changing marketplace, automakers must spend in market opportunity evaluations while joining fresh market sectors. Organizations must implement particular business strategy in order to be profitable and build themselves in just about any new market. 

Market potential & Strategy

The sector can be divided into two categories: organised and unorganised. The organised sector serves to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and consists of high-value precision gadgets, whereas the unorganised sector consists of low-value goods and often serves the aftercare.

The revenue of the automotive component business was $50 billion in FY20, up from $40 billion in FY17, and it is anticipated to hit $ 212 billion by FY26. In that year, auto component exports rose at a CAGR of 80%, reaching $ 15.1 billion.

The transportation sector is seeing new possibilities as the world becomes more globalised, particularly as it transitions to electric, electronic, and hybrid automobiles, that are considered highly economical, safer, and dependable modes of transportation. It would create new challenges and possibilities for auto-component makers over next decade, who would have to react to transformation via methodical R&D.

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