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Project report for Bakri Palan is as follows.

It is a profitable enterprise to raise goats. Because of its multi-functional value, goat farming is now a successful industry that requires very little investment.

Because of the high demand for goat meat, Bakri plan is one of the most successful livestock companies in the world. Many unemployed persons or those searching for a commercial cattle company are establishing the Bakri Palan business. Under good goat management methods, goat farming yields high returns. When compared to other cattle, Bakri Palan may take some time to observe the benefits.

The cost and time it takes to set up a Bakri Palan company is determined by your budget and the quantity of goats you have. Begin with a small number of goats and gradually increase the quantity as you gain experience in this enterprise. Hard labour, devotion, and goat expertise are all important elements in goat farming Profits.

Market potential & Strategy

Because of its multi-functional value, goat farming is now a successful industry that requires very little investment. Goats are lovely creatures that have long been reared in India. Goats are farmed commercially in virtually every country on the planet. Furthermore, commercial goat farming is rapidly gaining popularity across the world. The need for food rises in lockstep with the world’s population. Commercial goat farming has the potential to contribute significantly to addressing growing food demand.

Ethiopia has a large and diversified goat population. Diversified genetic resources are critical for current and future lives. There were about 22.6 million goat heads scattered over’s agro-ecological zones (CSA 2012). These resources offer a wide range of products and services, including Many smallholder farmers in the nation benefit from direct cash revenue, meat, milk, skin, manure, risk management, and social functions.

Meat is consumed by more than 80% of the Indian population. People’s purchasing power is increasing, and there is a noticeable shift in consumption habits, with non-vegetarian foods becoming practically an essential element of the diet. Mutton is more popular than chicken or beef/pork (Consumed by a select section). Mutton availability is less than demand. It needs less capital and is a less hazardous business proposition than dairy. For the reasons stated above, the sale of goats/goat meat is never an issue. In terms of goat population and milk output, India ranks top.

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