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The project report for Bamboo Handicraft Shop is as follows.

The ‘bamboo,’ also known as the timber of poor man, is among the most essential forest species with widespread reach all throughout the nation, and also has the chance to generate a significant contribution to India’s rural economy.

In India, the handicraft market for bamboo and cane is primarily focused in the North-East and East region of the country. The total market for bamboo products is broadly categorized into two areas, which include traditional markets and emerging products.

The bamboo and cane craft manufacturing sector in India is expected at INR 3,910 Crores in 2016 and is predicted to grow at a CAGR of 12 per cent in 2016-2021. The market is controlled mainly by increasing demand in India for environment-friendly materials as well as several government programs to support bamboo-based industries.  

Approximately a third of Tripura’s total surface is surrounded by bamboo, and it has emerged as an essential driving force for the state’s development of the industry.

Currently, the company is restricted to purchase Handicrafts from Manufacturing Units (SHGs, individuals, etc.) and Retailing & Wholesaling those thru the e-commerce website, social media channels, and physical exchanges. That being said, the business set to expand training programs around craftsmanship all within a short period of time, to encourage young & educated person to join the bamboo sector. The business also intends to add its business toward Bamboo Cultivation in the long run.

Market potential & Strategy

India’s Northeastern Himalayan region has a wide range of bamboo resources. Roughly 20 per cent of the total Bamboo obtained in India has approximated at INR 3,910 Crores in 2016 and is predicted to increase at a Rate of 12 per cent in 2016-2021 for both the handicraft manufacturing Bamboo and Cane craft sector in India.

The market is dominated primarily by increased demand for environmentally friendly products in India and a number of government projects to support bamboo-based product industries

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