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Project report for Banana Processing Unit is as follows.

In certain places, bananas used for cooking are referred to as plantains, as opposed to dessert bananas. The fruit varies in size, colour, and hardness, but it is often elongated and curved, with soft starch-rich flesh covered by a rind that can be green, yellow, red, purple, or brown when mature. The fruits grow in clusters that dangle from the plant’s top.

The banana processing industry is divided as per use and geography. The banana processing market is divided into four uses: food, medicines, animal feed, and cosmetics. Food application is further subdivided into puffed food, baby food, spices, quick food, and others. Food is projected to gain a disproportionately larger market share in the banana powder industry By 2024, the global Banana Powder Market is expected to develop at a rapid pace.

Market potential & Strategy

The banana industry is a critical component of the worldwide industrial agribusiness. The majority of bananas are exported and traded internationally for usage in the Developed States. They are predominantly cultivated on banana plantations in Latin America, the Caribbean, and Central and South America. With an annual production of 24.8 million tonnes, India is the world’s largest banana grower. In 2016, banana exports by nation totalled US$11.8 billion.

With a total production of 97.5 million tonnes, bananas are a worldwide significant fruit crop. With a total yearly production of 16.91 million tonnes from 490.70 thousand hectares, it provides a living for millions of people in India. With a national average of 33.5 tonnes per acre. The banana accounts for 37% of total fruit output in India.

Over 90% of the bananas produced in India are consumed as fresh fruit in the country. And it is projected that banana processing accounts for only 2.5 per cent of total banana processing, with banana chips accounting for around 1.80 per cent. The remainder is converted into a banana puree, banana pulp, banana beer, banana powder, and other products.

Because of its therapeutic and nutritional properties, the banana powder industry is projected to develop rapidly. One of the positive trends driving the growth of the banana powder market is the development of ingredients with high health and wellness functionality. Rapid urbanisation, as well as changing lifestyle and nutritional preferences, all contribute to an increase in demand for banana powder. Consumers are growing more health-conscious, and as a result, they choose more natural food components to promote a healthy lifestyle. Other reasons driving increasing demand for banana powder include ongoing product development and an enhanced distribution channel that ensures widespread availability of banana powder in the market.

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