Project Report For Barbed wire manufacturing


The project report for Barbed wire manufacturing is as follows.

A barbed-wire production firm can be started with a relatively small investment. Classes I, II, and III classify the galvanized barbed wire into three categories.

Class I has the thinnest layer and the lowest life expectancy. In 8 to 10 years, a wire with Class I coating will begin showing particular rusting when in 15 to 20 years, the very same wire with

Class III coating will display rust. Every now and then, the aluminium-coated wire is being used and gives longer service life. Barbed wire is usually used for purposes of security.

The company concentrates on producing barbed wires via an automatic system. They will also need the 12/14 SWG MS Galvanized wires for fabrication.

Although two mainline wires are passed into the machinery through their axes and another wire is placed in sets of line wires at the necessary periods to form barbs. The line wire itself instantly twins the point wire after producing the required barb wires at a considerable distance with both the line wires eventually shaping the full barbed wire.

Since the system is automatic, all of its feeding and wire cutting function can be operated by gear movement.

Market potential & Strategy

Barbed wire is an important item for the protection of buildings, parks, forests, nurseries and forbidden areas for defence facilities, aerodromes, railways, warehouses and other Govt. And Private real estate.

They are important items for developing and safeguarding foreign frontiers. These are also the best items to be used for many specific purposes. Rising security concerns are the key factors of growing barbed wire demand. The industry’s capacity is growing day by day.

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