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In South Asia, Bengal gramme is known as besan mill while in the rest of the developed world, it is known as Garbanzo bean. Bengal gramme is a significant pulse crop in India, having been produced for millennia, accounting for almost 40% of total pulse output.

Gram dal milling is an important business that provides gramme dal flour to the world. Flour milling has been practised since antiquity. Besan is used in day-to-day culinary items in both affluent and poor households for a range of flavours, and it has a variety of applications around the country and throughout the year. It is produced from Gram dal and is quite popular, particularly in the western portion of the nation.

Indians are naturally fond of both sweet and spicy foods, and gramme flour, often known as “Besan,” is a key component in both. It is a versatile substance that is used in a variety of recipes all year. Aside from individual families, institutional bulk customers include restaurants, other eateries, hostels and canteens, clubs, caterers, and so on. It is a fairly popular ingredient in Indian kitchens and hence has a consistent demand throughout the year. The market for this product is always expanding as a result of more and more uses, an increasing population, and its ease of availability.

Market potential & Strategy

With increased urbanisation, changing lifestyles, and rising per capita income, the Indian munchies and namkeen business is increasing at a pace of 10% per year. Besan is high in nutrients and is often used in Indian cooking. The increase in demand is also attributable to an increase in population and growing exports of besan-based goods.

India is the world’s fastest expanding country, accounting for 61.65 per cent of the global area under Bengal gramme in 2002 and 68.13 per cent of total world production. Bengal gramme is commonly regarded as a nutritious meal. It is a high-protein addition to cereal-based diets, particularly for the poor in developing nations where many are vegetarians or cannot afford animal protein. The amino acids in pulse proteins are low in sulphur and high in lysine. It is the most feasible way to eliminate protein deficiency in vegetarian children and nursing moms. Bengal gramme plays a significant part in our country’s human diet.

The worldwide chickpea flour market may be divided into four sections: application, product type, distribution channel, and geography. Chickpea flour market may be classified into bread and snacks, dairy, drinks, and others. Bakery and snacks are projected to account for a sizable portion of the global chickpea flour market. Chickpea flour is classified into dark brown chickpea flour, beige chickpea flour, lentils, and others based on the product type. Over the projected period, dark brown chickpea flour is predicted to grow at a comparatively high CAGR. market.

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