Project Report For Bio Coal Manufacturing


Project report for Bio Coal Manufacturing is as follows.

The technique of turning agricultural waste into a higher volume and energy focused fuel is known as bio coal. Bio Coal facilities come in a variety of sizes and transform agricultural waste to fuel sources. They may be used as a direct replacement for coal/wood in industrial boilers and brick making for thermal applications.

Bio Coal is a non-traditional source of energy that is clean and renewable, eco-friendly, non-polluting, and cost effective. Turning waste material to solid fuel is also a non-polluting method. It was not need to use any glue or chemicals, therefore it is completely natural.

Scope of Bio Coal manufacturing 

Millions of tonnes of agricultural residues are created each year. They are generally not utilised at all or are burned inefficiently, creating air pollution.

Because of their low bulk density, such substances are challenging to handle and carry. By turning these trash into high-density fuel without the use of any binder, these residues could offer a sustainable source of power.

The need for energy is rising on a daily basis, but the supply of sources is limited. Because of the abundance of agro-forestry waste, the renewable power initiative is excellent for agriculturally oriented countries such as India, Sri Lanka, and African countries. It is also extremely good in industrialised nations.

There would be no rust on boiler equipment, leading in minimal maintenance costs. Coal, on the other side, emits sulphur dioxide, that, when combined with moisture, forms corrosive sulphuric acid.

When tried to compare to loose husk and firewood, it is much easier to handle. It can be combined with low-quality coal and firewood to increase combustion.

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