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India is a big country and we follow different faiths, talk distinct languages and hold different customs and traditions. Despite this diversity, one thing that is common among all Indians is they’re all profoundly religious and exercise their regular religious practices.

Thus, based on their faith, the technique of practice and convenience, nearly all individuals use either one or two from agarbatti (incense sticks), candles or Kapoor (camphor tablets). This in itself says loudly of Agarbatti, Candles and Kapoor’s main significance. Also, they are being used as air-freshener and lighting.

Agarbatti and other products that operate by burning (candles, Kapoor) Industry is indeed an actual source of job opportunities and is capable to provide income for the poor individuals of both urban and rural populations.

Another great feature of Agarbatti as well as another burning (candles, Kapoor) business procedures is that employees are able to work as part-time workers.

  1. Heat treatment should be given first from camphor powder to erase the wetness in the powder.
  2. The remaning powder is loaded into the machine.
  3. This machine makes specific shape and weight of the table.
  4. The tablet’s shape & weight will be as per the dies.
  5. They pack 5 tablets in one wax wrapper.
  6. These boxes are filled in and delivered in the boxes.

Market potential & Strategy

The producers have decades of experience in the industry and also have business connections with several market distribution companies, both direct and indirect. They also understand the export market product specifications and the manner in which they are made. The product can be approached by offering a decent distribution system to all the local shops the temples. By granting retailers god margin, we can quickly capture the market by evading competition.

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