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Project report for Cashew feni  is as follows.

Feni is an Indian spirit made in Goa. Cashew feni and toddy palm feni are the two most common types of feni, based on the original ingredient; however, many other varieties are available. 

The final character of feni is influenced by its small-batch distillation, which preserves some of the subtle aromatics, congeners, and flavour constituents of the juice from which it was made. 

The cashew apple is high in sugar, vitamins, and minerals. The Vitamin-C concentration of Cashew apples is found to be five times higher than that of citrus fruits.

Copper, calcium, magnesium, potassium, and copper are just a few of the minerals found in the fruit. zinc and iron There are numerous hidden benefits of it, ranging from assisting in the creation of blood to boosting heart health and weight loss. 

Crushing cashew apples by hand on a high rock formed like a basin is the first step in producing Feni. The juice is then distilled by boiling it over a wood fire. Only 4% of the fermenting juice produces alcohol after it passes through numerous stages of vaporisation and distillation in the pot. 

The distillation procedure is repeated three times. The first part of the distillation process yields a juice. called Urrack which is light and diluted.

Market Potential Of Fruit

Fruit juices stand out for a variety of reasons, including low cost, practicality, ease of handling, and high yield, and the use of regional fruits like cashew, which has a lot of potential due to its distinct flavour and nutritional composition, which includes phenolic compounds, flavonoids, tannins, sugars, and ascorbic acid, ensures consumer acceptance. 

Cashews are a delicious treat! The nuts are a delectable treat for the taste buds. 

As people become more health-conscious, they prefer to munch on healthier foods, which is driving up demand for flavoured cashews in India. 

The cashew market in the country, on the other hand, is projected to be hampered as the local population grows. For on-the-go munching, she flavours lighter snacks that are more affordable.

Consumers in urban cities and towns prefer to buy their everyday necessities at supermarkets and hypermarkets. This channel will be used to market both plain and flavoured cashews, to increase brand awareness. 

Furthermore, hypermarkets and supermarkets’ main objective is to expand the model into Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities, where they are posing a serious threat to both unorganized and organized shops. 

Delhi, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Chennai are the main cities where these hypermarkets are being built. 

Moreover, supermarkets or hypermarkets provide attractive offers and discounts to consumers, as they avail Discounts on caffeine and other nutritional beverages purchased in bulk from manufacturers.

Project Report Sample On Cashew Feni

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