Project Report For Chips manufacturing


The project report for Chips manufacturing is as follows.

Whenever it comes to munching and its variations we Indians are crazy. Although we’re understood for our diverse cultures, love for a wide range of snack foods from each nation is the one thing that is keeping us going.   In the last couple of years, the Indian chips industry has really shown tremendous growth. The market is projected to expand in the coming years with a CAGR of more than 9 per cent. The growing younger generation (under 15 years of age) presently plays a major role in the consumption of potato chips.

Increasing urbanization, rising disposable incomes and quickly changing lifestyles are key factors driving global demand for potato chips. A busy lifestyle combined with long hours of work compelled people to move from extensive lunches and meals to office snacks and packaged food. Snack companies offering fascinating ingredients, flavours and textures to consumers who are looking for new things or alternative flavourings for health purposes

The product that we are concentrating on is the banana chips, Kerala’s ethnic snack. The banana processed foods largely consist of chips made from bananas. Most chips are made from Nendran banana, but Robusta and Monthan banana are also analyzed as chips to a certain large extend in Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu. Banana chips do seem to be banana slices that are deep-fried. They could be coated with sugar or honey, and they can be flavoured with spices (tomato, chilli, plain salted, etc.) or with caramel, cream, etc.

Market potential & Strategy

Only in some parts of our country, you will get perfectly ripe bananas that are easily available. Converting it to chips tends to increase the item’s shelf-life in times of immense harvest and provides an opportunity to raise income levels, maybe if farmers can find buyers and instead go for distress sale. If the businessman wants to sell directly to the end customer, then he must choose the area with the highest demand. Usually, it will mean greater rent expenditures.

If the businessman tries to sell through shops, hotels or clubs, the business begins from of the manufacturing facility, but the businessman will have to take a lower mark-up to enable the shop manager to make a profit. We can learn about new markets and potential markets by improving the distribution channel. The banana chips health side can be a fresh sales-enhancing strategy. One of the main advantages of banana chips consumption is its fibre content

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