Project Report For Coir products


The project report for coir products is as follows.

India makes up for even more than 2/3 of coir and coir base items made worldwide. Even though India does have a long coastline scattered with coconut palms, the expansion of the coir industry in many other coastal States is indeed unimportant. The Indian coir sector is a crucial cottage business that amounts to a significant contribution to the economy of major coconut-producing states. Kerala, Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh, Goa, Orissa, Assam, etc. Approximately.5.5 lakh jobs are created in this industry and most of them are part-time.

This industry’s exports were about 70 rs. crores. Coconut husk is just the raw material underlying coir products. Coir products are produced using approximately 50% of the accessible coir husk. Hence, the coir sector has growth opportunities. India accounts for even more than 2/3 of coir and coir products made worldwide.

The following are the list of machinery used in the firm

1) Beater

2) Pith screener

3) Fiber screener

4) Pith conveyor

5) Fiber conveyor

6) Husk conveyor

7) Beater suit

8) Fiber bailing press

9) Automatic double head machines

10) Willowing machines

Market potential & Strategy

The market valuation of consumed husks lies anywhere between Rs 259.36 to Rs 315.12 crore. It is projected that 127824.62 lakh husks could be used to generate fibre, and the approximate valuation is Rs 913.03 crore to Rs 1109.34 crore per year. In India 539815-tons of fibres are absorbed. The processed fibres have a valuation of Rs 890.69 to Rs 1199.16 crore. Coir fibre usage stands at 28.41 per cent. It has the potential to produce annual revenues of Rs 3135.54 to Rs 4221.44 crore.

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