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Project report for Corn Puff is as follows.

Foods are pleasant and economical goods that come in a variety of flavours and are enjoyed by people of all ages. Corn puffs, also known as Puffcorn, are puffed or extruded maize that is one of the most popular treats in India and around the world. This snack food item is known by a variety of names, including puffcorn or the more generic word corn puffs, and can be fashioned to resemble popcorn (popcorn is made from whole grains).

Corn puffed snacks have been consumed since antiquity and are made from rice, maize, and wheat grains. However, growing industrialization in the snack food market has resulted in a considerable increase in the consumption of puffed snacks such as corn puffs/puffcorn, popcorn, breakfast cereals, rice crispies, and other puffed snacks. Corn flakes and other breakfast cereals, which were once mostly consumed in Western societies, are now being consumed in East Asian and Indian societies as well. Puffed cereals’ rising popularity as snacks among schoolchildren, owing to their high protein content, has boosted demand for puffed corn flakes in India. in recent years in recent years. Furthermore, increased consumer desire for low-calorie snack options has fueled weight watchers’ use of corn puffs and other puffed cereals.

Market potential & Strategy

We don’t have as many snack foods in India as they have in wealthy countries. Popcorn, potato wafers, banana wafers, tapioca wafers, Murukku, Dalmot, Salted groundnuts, and other homemade foods fall under this category, and only a few of these things are produced on a large scale. With India’s growing industrialisation and people’s increasing purchasing power, there is a potential demand for these snack items across the country.

Wheat, maize, rice, and other raw ingredients are widely available in the country and are used to make snack foods. Snack snacks made from these cereals in various tastes will be more appealing to individuals. Supplementing these foods with key vitamins and minerals has the potential to increase people’s nutrition levels. Considering the aforementioned criteria, this business, particularly startups, appears to have a bright future in the country.

Customers’ sensory rating systems judge the quality and overall acceptability of corn puffs/puffcorn based on appearance, texture, and flavour attributes. Sensory analysis or assessment is a scientific discipline that uses principles of experimental design and statistical analysis to evaluate consumer products through the use of human senses (sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing). Controlling the composition of the raw material and the processing parameters during the extrusion of corn puffs results in the desired sensory qualities.

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