Project Report For Corrugated Box


The project report for Corrugated Box (Packing & Carton box) is as follows.

The company focuses on the manufacture of corrugated kraft paper boxes that are an important item in a product’s packaging.

Even amongst the FMCG, electronics, medical and other related industries the need for the item is present. The board is made of a corrugated piece of paper that is connected to the plain paper face, generally, kraft by adhesives.

In India, it is generated mainly over a singular facer machine in this two paper reels are operated together, one layer of paper gets corrugated after going through the heated rolls while the other collides with it after the latter has glued at the tips. So both stick together and are wound in rolls.

Market potential & Strategy

Paper and paper products have always been an adaptable industrial product with a wide range of applications in this time period and are increasingly substituted by corrugated board boxes and cartons because of the shortage of softwood. While more and more paper packaging material is arriving, the supply of raw materials will be on the rise.

Thus trash paper recycling is now in demand, that can be used to manufacture goods such as paperboard, binding sheets, sweet box cartons as well as other cartons for packaging.

Eighty per cent of industrial wrapping is made from cardboard boxes because of the efficient padding, lightweight, easy to manufacture, easy to store, easy to store, no required strapping, printing and advertising benefits, must be produced on the export market, recyclable etc.

More than 12,000 existing corrugated box machines generate almost 5.2 million tons per year of boxes via a market capitalization value of Rs 18,000 crores. While 200 automated manufacturing units add almost 40% and the other 40% contribute about 2,200 semi-automated and partially organized units.

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