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Project report for Cricket ball is as follows.

A cricket ball is a hard, solid ball that is used in the sport of cricket to hit the ground. 

A cricket ball is made out of a cork core that is coiled with thread and then covered with leather that is sewn on. The construction of cricket balls is governed by cricket legislation at the first-class level. After being delivered, a cricket ball’s trajectory is impacted by its movement in the air and off the ground, as well as by its condition and that of the pitch. 

The fielding side is responsible for maintaining and repairing the cricket ball to ensure that it is in ideal condition. Batsmen score runs mostly by striking the ball with their bat into a position where it is safe to take a run, or by guiding the ball through the boundary or over it with their hands. 

Cricket balls are denser and heavier than baseballs, making them more difficult to hit. 

The conventional red cricket ball is often used in Test cricket, professional domestic games that take place over several days, and practically all amateur cricket matches, among other situations.

Since 2010, a white ball has been used in several one-day cricket matches to remain visible under floodlights, while a pink ball has been used in Test matches to contrast with players’ white apparel and to increase night vision during the day or night matches. 

Various colours of training balls are also commonly used. Tennis balls and other balls of comparable size can also be used for training and casual cricket matches.

Market Potential Of Cricket Ball

The Cricket Equipment Market was valued at INR 984 million in 2019 and is expected to reach INR 1,265 million by 2027, rising at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.19 per cent from 2020 to 2027, according to research. The demand for cricket balls is predicted to rise as the number of cricket clubs and cricket events continue to grow. The rising number of young people in the community is driving up demand for cricket balls. 

Nowadays, individuals devote a significant amount of their time to a variety of activities to maintain their health and fitness. 

Female participation in cricket has increased significantly during the last several decades, particularly on the subcontinent. A growing number of businesses are introducing items in brilliant hues, particularly for children, which is expanding their appeal throughout the world. 

To promote cricket in impoverished countries, the International Cricket Council (ICC) is putting out a variety of initiatives, which is likely to boost demand for cricket balls during the forecast period.  Cricket provides a sense of competitiveness as well as an opportunity for physical activity.

To foster cricket, governments in many nations provide financial assistance to excellent players. Cricket is not only played for recreational purposes but is also used to promote regional and community development.  It is projected that the rising popularity of cricket throughout the world would boost the need for cricket balls in the future years. 

Demand for cricket balls is increasing as the middle-class population grows in number and purchasing power, stadiums are built, and significant government initiatives and investments are made to promote cricket among youths, all of which are contributing to the increase in demand for cricket balls.  Many schools and universities have included cricket in their curricula to improve the physical health of their pupils. This also contributes to the increased expansion of the cricket balls industry

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