Project Report For Dental Clinic


The project report for Dental Clinic is as follows.

Healthcare has been among the biggest sectors in India-both in terms of income and job creation.

Healthcare includes hospitals, medical equipment, clinical studies, outsourcing, health insurance, etc.

The Indian healthcare sector is expanding rapidly due because of its enhancement of public and private players’ coverage, services and increased expenditure.

Most secondary, tertiary and quaternary care organizations are privately owned with a high emphasis on the metro, tier I and tier-II cities.

Over the past five years, the world dental market has grown at a rate of CAGR 5 per cent with Asian markets showing the highest annual growth of 10%

From over 5000 dental labs, India is expanding as the largest market in this industry by 297 dental institutes. India’s dental market is projected to expand at 20-30% per year.

Market Potential Of Dental Clinic

In urban areas, the existing dentist population ratio is 1:9000 and in rural areas, it is 1:200000.

The dental equipment and lab valuation are around $90 million per year alone. 99% of the Indian dental market is private and more dentists and clinics are needed every day.

India currently has approximately 1,80,000 certified dental graduates throughout India, of whom only approximately 80,000 are actively practising.

The overall Indian dental market is valued at $ 2 billion approx, taking into consideration all the dental equipment such as chairs and objects of all sorts of dental procedures

Project Report Sample On Dental Clinic

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