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Project report for Dog food is as follows.

Food for pets is either made from plants or animals and intended for ingestion by pets. Dry pet food, wet pet food, veterinarian diets, treat/snacks, and other goods are all types of pet food sold in India. Because of supply chain breakdowns and inadequate logistics, the dog food industry is unable to meet demand. Pet ownership and pet care are pretty widespread in India’s cities. Since urbanisation is the primary driver of the market’s growth, the infrastructure modifications indicate favourable and quick progress over the past two decades.

Dog food is a type of food that is mainly designed for dogs and other canines. Dogs are thought of being carnivores that happen to eat a variety of things. Ten genes responsible for starch digestion and the ability to produce amylase, an enzyme that breaks down carbohydrates into simple sugars – something that carnivores lack – make them better suited to eat meat than vegetables; they also have sharp pointed teeth and shorter gastrointestinal systems. With the help of human scraps, dogs developed the capacity to live alongside people in agricultural communities.

Market potential & Strategy

In 2020, the global market for dog food was expected to be worth around INR 4,0230 Crores. At a CAGR of roughly 4.0%, the market is estimated to reach a value of around INR 4,8940 Crores by 2026. Pet adoption is on the rise, but so are concerned about the health of pets. Additionally, the rising popularity of vegetarian and organic pet food and product innovation focused on flavour are all expected to contribute to the growth of the Indian pet food market in the future years.

Fresh vegetables, fruit components, vitamins and meats, and bones are all included in professionally prepared pet diets. Although fresh pet meals have a shorter shelf life than manufactured pet foods, they contain more nutrients and are more accessible to digest, which reduces the amount of yard work required. In today’s market, pet owners look for high-quality ingredients and significant health advantages in their pet’s food. Fresh is a term used to describe human-grade pet diets that contain high-quality ingredients. Because of the absence of chemicals in human-grade pet meals, pets can digest them more efficiently and create a robust immune system. Because of the increasing humanisation of pets, the acceptance of human-grade pet food is anticipated to increase. In addition, many industry players are concentrating on providing fresh pet meals that are of human-grade quality.

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