Project Report For Dry Fruits


The project report for Dry Fruits is as follows.

It is a packaged fruit where a high proportion of the water is separated from fruit either via a sunlight drying or dehydrating process. Both dried and fresh fruits contain an abundant source of nutrients like antioxidants and fibres however during the dehydration process, a small number of nutrients are destroyed in dried fruit.

Due to its easy snack to pack characteristics, the dried fruit business is getting acknowledgement which eliminates ruining fruit as swiftly as fresh fruit. Moreover, the market has been experienced to advance in various product lines including its implementation.

Dry fruit is segmented by type, which consists of dried grapes, apricots, figs, dates, peaches, berries, and others. Dried grapes, among many others, take up a significant market share because they have the benefit of regulating BP, which would be a key problem among elderly people.

The nuts and dry fruit sector is a really old industry in India. Nuts and dried fruits represent a beneficial option to unpleasant snack cravings and meat intake and are more in line with a healthy diet.

Market potential & Strategy

The growth of the Indian dry fruit market by 2020 would double to Rs 30,000 crore due to the increased awareness about health, improved accessibility and correct packaging. The valuation of the dry fruit industry in India is projected at Rs 15,000 crore (approx. 4,50,000 tons).

This is expected to reach nearly a million tons in quantity by 2020, resulting in a market size surpassing rs 30 000 crores. Due to greater knowledge of health requirements, higher disposable income levels, greater choice, correct packaging, consistent quality, accurate product information (labelling), new products like Hazelnuts, Pecan Nuts, etc, result in a good growth rate of even more than 10 per cent per year.

The enhanced awareness of many Indians and the rise of careful customers in the health sector are increasing the market. Consumers are looking for hygienic and high-quality dry fruits that they can produce at a reasonable price.

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