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Now, commercial end-users in India are driving the market for fabric conditioners, with an emphasis on retaining softness and elasticity while avoiding fraying and squashing issues. 

The lower cost and improved qualities of these fabric conditioners are likely to promote their sales, which will benefit the industry’s growth. 

Liquid fabric conditioners have grown in popularity as the most effective treatments for eradicating smells and decreasing static in garments, and they have large global market potential.

Fabric softeners, as opposed to laundry detergents, can be thought of as an after-treatment laundry assist. 

A wrinkle releaser is a similar, more dilute mixture that is sprayed directly into cloth. Cloth softeners are frequently given to the washing machine and during the rinse cycle, either by the machine itself or by the use of a dispensing ball, or as a dryer sheet that is applied to the damp fabric at the start of the dryer cycle. 

Liquid fabric softeners can be applied manually or automatically during the rinse cycle if the machine has a dispenser built for this purpose.

Market Potential Of Fabric softener

In 2020, the worldwide Fabric Conditioner Market was estimated to be worth INR 13,35,44,43,00,000. The market is predicted to increase at a CAGR of 4%, reaching around INR 17,06,40,10,50,000 by 2026. 

The worldwide laundry products market is expanding rapidly as a result of new product innovation and increased knowledge about the availability of these goods. 

There is a large range of fabric care products on the market, including detergents, fabric softeners or enhancers, stain removers, bleach, and other fabric additives.

Fabric softener is a common household cleaning chemical that softens clothes and makes them simpler to iron by decreasing creases in your apparel. 

Along with the fundamental functioning, fabric softener also aids in decreasing wear and tear of your clothing, offering a pleasant aroma, lowering the danger of germ build-up, shape retention, and other factors that contribute to the market need for fabric softener.

The introduction of eco-friendly goods into the fabric softener industry is expected to supplement the market’s growth of fabric softeners. 

The key participants in the fabric softener market are introducing creative package styles in order to attract a wide number of customers, resulting in an increase in demand for fabric softeners in the market.

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