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The project report for Fertilizer is as follows.

The Indian fertilizer industry amounted to INR 5,437 billion in 2018. Looking ahead, the market is expected to hit INR 11,116 billion by 2024, rising to CAGR by 12.3% between 2019 and 2024.

This report offers an in-depth insights into the Indian fertilizer industry, discussing all its important aspects. This varies from macro market overview to micro industry performance information, recent developments, main market drivers and challenges, SWOT analysis, Porter’s Five Strength Analysis, Value Chain Analysis, etc.

Fertilizers also played an important role in the progress of India’s green revolution and its eventual self-reliance in food-grain production.

The rise in fertilizer usage has contributed greatly to the successful output of food grain throughout the nation. As a result , demand for fertilizers has seen double-digit growth rates in the last few years.

Given significant progress in recent years, the overall frequency of fertilizer usage in India appears much smaller than in many other developed and developing countries around the world. The use of fertilizers is often widely distorted, with large inter-regional, inter-state and inter-district variations.

Market Potential Of Fertilizer

Precipitated through solid growth in the nation’s population during the next 5 years , food consumption is also projected to show robust growth. Alternatively, as a result of the rising levels of urbanization, usable arable land is projected to decline. We anticipate fertilizers to play an important role in growing the average yield per hectare of crops.

Given powerful historical growth, the consumption of fertilizer in India remains extremely skewed. There are actually a lot of other states in India that still have a really poor penetration of fertilizers. This leaves more room for potential development.

We anticipate a range of government and non-government education initiatives to educate farmers about the advantages of fertilizers. The marketing of fertilizers via television , radio and specialised rural workshops is also projected to accelerate the usage of fertilizers in the near future.

Rising rural wealth, combined with easy access to finance, is also going to have a good effect on the nation’s use of fertilizers.

Contract farming, whereby contributions from the food processor (contractor) in terms of innovation and education are supposed to be given to farmers, is also considered to have a strong effect on the use of fertilizers.

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