Project Report For Floriculture


The project report for Floriculture or Flower Farming is as follows.

Flowers signifies pureness, strength, and kindness. They motivate the whole of humankind to walk the route of goodness. The picture of gorgeous flowers does have a relaxing and optimistic impact on humans, and that is why they have held a particular role in human history since ancient times. Indian floriculture industry was valued at 188 billion in 2019. Floriculture, aka flower farming, makes reference to the farming of flowers and ornamental plants.

Even though flowers have become an essential component of Indian society and have also been nurtured for a variety of functions, varying from artistic to cultural and religious, the commercial floriculture industry seems to be of recent origin.

A high rise in requirement for trimmed and loose flowers has made floriculture among the most essential trades in the agriculture sector. While exports continue to stay a primary factor for growers, the domestic requirement for flowers is also growing dramatically, particularly in the urban and suburban areas.

Market Potential Of Floriculture

In India, flowers are of the greatest priority for every event. In India, flowers have a classical or greatest influence. Indian culture is a mixture of a number of cultural groups. Indian culture sounds like a group of brilliantly combined flower banquets.

Indian culture is closely linked to flowers. Flowers are an essential part of the Indians right from dawn to dusk. In India, people begin their day after granting flowers to their goddesses. In addition, flowers have been used at events such as concerts, parties and even more.

They are often used for clinical practice. Flowers are an essential element of Indian culture and rituals. So the market has grown constantly as the population grows. In all wedding ceremonies, you would then find numerous kinds of flowers. In Ayurveda, distinct flowers are being used for medicinal benefits.

You can give patients new and wonderful flowers to make them feel better. This indicates that the value for flowers in India would be on the heavier side.

Project Report Sample On Floriculture

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