Project Report For Frozen Green Peas


Project report for Frozen Green Peas is as follows.

In India, urban customers are expanding their use of frozen processed foods. With much more supermarkets appearing, particularly in cities, women are constantly purchasing in these locations since they are quite accessible, safe, and have huge freezers to store frozen processed goods. Because city infrastructure is far better established, merchants can store frozen processed food without fear of frequent and lengthy power outages.

The accessibility of frozen processed veggies, meats, and ready meals has pushed several women to use these goods more frequently since they minimize preparation time.

Market potential & Strategy

Peas are utilised in various veggies and are in high demand throughout the year by all households as well as the catering sector. Fresh peas are now only accessible throughout the winter period, although they are needed all year.

Furthermore, their harvest is restricted to specific states. The frozen peas accessible in the Indian market help to bridge the demand-supply imbalance. This article offers a case study of Frozen Products Indian Ltd., which revolves on frozen pea storage and individualized speedy frozen technology. It necessitates effective cold chain management from sourcing through production, processing, and transferring for retailing & consumer use.

Refrigerated trucks and storing facilities are used to manage the whole temperature-controlled distribution network.

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