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The project report for Fruit Shop is as follows.

India had already substituted China as one of the most desirable markets for retail expansion, backed by an unshakable-growing economy, rising consumption rates, increasing urbanization and an emerging middle class. The overall market value of the Indian market has been approximated to be about US$ 650 billion in 2018, with a compound annual growth rate ( CAGR) of about 7.5% since 2000. The retail economy is projected to grow to US$ 1.6 trillion by 2026, with a CAGR of about 10%.

Even so, the modern market is predicted to increase at a healthy rate of 20% per year and traditional trade is anticipated to rise at a cagr of 10% per year.

The retail industry is still very much in the infant stages. Economic liberalization policies and globalization have set the country’s economy on a blaze for rapid growth. Simultaneously, the liberalization of the Indian economy and globalization have sparked increased economic development around the spectrum of all market sectors in India.

The owner has a fruit shop with all kinds of fresh fruit while at the same time a juice bar with all kinds of juices presented with the maximum quality and freshness.

Market Potential Of Fruit Shop

A fresh fruit juice company or store is a fantastic opportunity for business owners attempting to begin a new low-investment business. Changes in lifestyle and the requirement for healthful and clean fruit juices are generating an increasing demand for fresh fruit juices in India. 

The fresh fruit juice industry in India is largely unorganized and undiscovered. As a result, many new competitors have since been able to rapidly set up large businesses and brands such as RAWpressery and PaperBoat. Investment in equipment and raw materials may be high or low probably depends on the magnitude of the business.

However, the actual fruit juice business does have a low investment necessity to rapidly break even due to increased profitability. In India, with rising awareness of the worsening of health to soft drinks, the soft drink market has seen shrinking profits in the last few years and profitability is expected to drop even further in the next 5 years. There is no doubt that raising knowledge of the health impacts of soft beverages has led some customers to reconsider the usage of colas.

Project Report Sample On Fruit Shop

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