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Project report for G.M. Bushes  as follows.

In order to provide a bearing surface for rotational parts in a variety of applications, a bush—a plain bearing surface made of a somewhat softer metal—is put into a housing. Since steel makes up the majority of rotating components like shafts, bushes and simple bearings are made of alloys like brass and bronze, which have excellent wear characteristics. An alloy recognised for its sturdiness, heat resistance, and anti-corrosive qualities is gunmetal.




The primary raw materials are copper, brass, tin, zinc, and other metal scrap or ingots. For the unit to make its own castings, a pit furnace is advised. In the easily accessible brass and bronze rods and bars of the appropriate compositions, there are additional materials. The scrap from the machine shop will be used in the furnace to make your own castings.

Product And Application

Gunmetal, commonly known as bronze, is an alloy of copper, tin, and zinc that machines well, resists corrosion from sea water and steam, and is used to manufacture statues, valves, gears, castings for steam and hydraulic systems, and other small objects.

There are many different kinds of bush bearings, including bi-metal and Babbitt bearings, brass, bronze, self-lubricating oil, graphite, etc.

Bronze, Gun Metal Bushing, Phosphor Bronze, Aluminum Bronze, and other high-quality metal and alloys are frequently used in Submersible Thrust Bushes and Earth Moving Bushes. These metals and alloys include brass, bronze, and gunmetal. Special compositions are chosen for bush bearings, which can either be purchased from nearby foundries or the unit can have its own foundry, to ensure quality.

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Market potential

The size of the worldwide ammunition market was estimated at USD 22.35 billion in 2021, and it is anticipated to increase at a CAGR of 3.2% from 2022 to 2030.

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Market Trend


 The market for ammunition will likely experience significant growth over the projected period as a result of an increase in terrorist attacks and wars around the world. This will likely result in more powerful military around the world purchasing defensive equipment. In the anticipated time, it is anticipated that growing trends in shooting and sports that include rifles and pistols would boost the penetration of small-caliber ammunition. Additionally, technological developments in the industry have led to the introduction of lightweight bullets with polymer-based cases, which are expected to promote market expansion.

The U.S. government’s substantial expenditures for military and armed forces improvements are anticipated to assist the country’s market expansion. The purchase of small-caliber ammunition by civilians and the department of homeland security is anticipated to support the expansion of the market as a whole. Additionally, the improvement of sales channels like online sales in the nation is probably going to supplement the expansion. It is anticipated that a growth in the use of cutting-edge materials in the manufacture of lightweight ammunition will result in more fuel-efficient transportation, which will lower the cost of transportation as a whole. Additionally, it is projected that the aforementioned trend will make it possible to transport more rounds while maintaining the same weight restrictions, which will favourably affect market expansion.