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A garden pipe or house pipe is a flexible tube used to deliver water. Sprinklers and sprayers are a couple of the more well-liked hose end accessories (which are used to concentrate water at one point or to spread over a large area). Hoses are often attached to a hose spigot or tap.

The Manufacturing Process of Garden Pipes

Raw Material Selection: The first step in the manufacturing process is the selection of the raw material. The garden pipes are made from PVC, LDPE, or HDPE granules, which are sourced from trusted suppliers.

Extrusion: The next step is extrusion, where the raw material is melted and then forced through a die to obtain the desired shape and size. The extruded material is then cooled down by passing it through a water bath.

Reinforcement: Depending on the application, some garden pipes require reinforcement for added strength and durability. This is done by inserting a braided nylon mesh or a spiral reinforcement wire inside the pipe during the extrusion process.

Marking and Printing: Once the garden pipes are extruded and reinforced, they are marked with the brand name, size, and other important information. Some manufacturers also print patterns or designs on the surface of the pipes to make them more visually appealing.

Cutting and Packaging: In the final stage, the garden pipes are cut to the desired length and packaged in rolls or bundles for easy transportation and storage. Some manufacturers also attach fittings like nozzles and connectors to the ends of the pipes for easy connection to the water source and the plants.


There are several garden pipes on the market, and they come in a range of colors, sizes, lengths, and materials. Vectus Garden Pipes are environmentally benign and devoid of all types of heavy metals. Vectus’s Europa Garden Pipes and Indus Garden Pipes are all-weather pipes that feature premium construction, are lightweight, and promise premium quality. These pipes can tolerate temperature changes of any magnitude without melting or becoming stiff, and they don’t become greasy on the surface even when temperatures are high. These garden pipes were produced for Green India in India.

The Europa Garden Pipe is the first and only European-standard garden pipe in India. This pipe is resistant to all kinds of tangles and splits regardless of how frequently it is used. Additionally, it prevents color fading and algae and fungi from growing because of the pipes’ transparency. Extreme heat and cold are not a problem for Vectus pipes.

Indus Garden pipes provide for all requirements for managing gardens and lawns. On construction and manufacturing sites, they can be used for a variety of jobs, such as cleaning vehicles, machinery, and other manufacturing and construction gear. They are created without harmful chemicals and are phthalate-free.

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Flexible garden hoses are a better version of conventional garden hoses. A flexible garden hose’s rigid inner membrane enlarges as water fills it up. The outer cover protects the inner membrane from accidental punctures while the hose is in operation. The flexible garden hose lengthens when there is high water pressure; when the pressure is reduced, it shrinks back to its original size.

Market Potential Of Garden Pipe Manufacturing

The market for flexible garden pipes was valued at USD 1 billion in 2019; from 2020 to 2027, it is projected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.3%. 

The demand for gardening materials, including flexible garden hoses, is being driven by consumers’ rising interest in horticultural activities, particularly in light of the COVID-19 problem. Additionally, several nations and international organisations urged people to enjoy and participate in horticultural activities as well as finish their home repair projects during the outbreak. 

Planting a vegetable garden, redesigning the trellis in front of the home, growing herbs, setting up a new indoor plant display, and going on a walk in nature are a few of the methods to unwind and isolate oneself as a gardener. It is well known that using a flexible garden pipe can eliminate the need to carry heavy watering cans to the garden. Watering a garden and grass can be a simple process with a flexible garden pipe.  


The garden pipe can be used to swiftly and conveniently clean sporting and play equipment, bicycles, garden tools, and outdoor furniture. Inexpensive vinyl, durable rubber, and special blends created for certain purposes, such as resistance to kinks, reduced weight, or durability, are just a few of the materials used to make hoses.

The market growth in this region is mainly attributed to factors such as the increasing interest in gardening activities by the working and elderly population, rising disposable income, and growing consumer awareness about gardening activities. The increasing trend of modernization of gardening processes has propelled product demand across the region.