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Project report for Gir Cow is as follows.

In India, the Gir cow is one of the humped bovine breeds. When compared to other breeds, this is said to have distinct features. Gujarat is the birthplace of the cow. It is highly nutritious, and the milk is known as A2 milk. In different areas of the breeding tract, this breed is also called Bhodali, Desan, Gujarati, Kathiawari, Sorthi, and Surd. These Gir animals are well-known for their endurance to hardship and resistance to a variety of tropical illnesses. Other countries like Brazil, Mexico, the USA and Venezuela have imported these animals where they are being bred successfully. Another promising cattle breed in Gujarat is Kankrej.

In comparison to established countries, per capita meat consumption in India is very low, implying that a large portion of the market remains untapped. We anticipate that rising disposable incomes, along with changing dietary preferences, will drive higher meat consumption in the coming years.

Market potential & Strategy

Milk output is anticipated to rise by 1.8 per cent each year on average over the next decade. The majority of milk and dairy products are eaten as fresh dairy products, As pr for about half of total global output.

Due to rising population and disposable incomes, Asia will account for 70% of the rise in world output throughout the projection period. Milk output in emerging nations is anticipated to increase by 3% each year, with the majority consumed as fresh milk and dairy products. Pakistan and India are responsible for the majority of the expected growth in world milk production.

During the predicted period, the output will be increased. In 2027, these two countries are anticipated to generate more than one-quarter of the total world output. The majority of these two nations’ surplus output is projected to be consumed as fresh milk and dairy products. Fresh milk accounts for more than 65 per cent of total output in India.

During the predicted period, Europe and North America will be the other major milk production areas. Milk production is anticipated to rise at a modest pace of less than 1% per year over the projection period.

The fresh milk industry is being pushed by the continued expansion of fluid milk exports, which increased by 4% in 2017 following a 16 per cent gain in 2016. With growing health awareness among consumers worldwide, its demand has increased in recent years. Retailers are developing novel packaging methods to increase shelf life, which will enhance sales throughout the predicted period. The fresh milk industry is expected to expand further as more dairies switch to organic milk production. Organic milk accounted for 18% of total sales in the United States. At the moment, flavoured milk is the market leader.

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