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Project report for Gir Cow is as follows.

The Gir cow is one of the humped cattle varieties found in India. This is said to have distinctive characteristics when compared to other varieties. Gujarat is the cow’s home. 

It is known as A2 milk and is very nutrient-dense. This breed is also known as Bhodali, Desan, Gujarati, Kathiawari, Sorthi, and Surd in various parts of the breeding region. These Gir animals are renowned for their ability to withstand adversity and for being immune to a number of tropical diseases. 

These animals have been imported into other nations like Brazil, Mexico, the USA, and Venezuela, where they are effectively bred. Kankrej cattle are yet another potential breed in Gujarat.

India has a very low per capita meat consumption when compared to developed nations, which suggests that a sizable part of the market is still untapped. 

In the upcoming years, we expect that increased meat consumption will be a result of shifting dietary preferences and increasing disposable incomes.

Market Potential Of Gir Cow

Milk output is anticipated to increase by 1.8 percent each year on average over the next decade. About half of the world’s production of milk and dairy products are consumed as fresh dairy products.

Asia will be responsible for 70% of the increase in global output over the course of the projection due to increasing populations and disposable incomes. 

The amount of milk produced in developing countries is expected to rise by 3% annually, with the majority being eaten as fresh milk and dairy products. The bulk of the anticipated increase in global milk production comes from Pakistan and India.

The production will rise during the anticipated time frame. These two nations are projected to produce more than a quarter of the world’s production in 2027. 

It is anticipated that the majority of the surplus production of these two countries will be eaten as fresh milk and dairy goods. In India, fresh milk makes up more than 65% of all production.

Europe and North America will be the other main milk-producing regions during the anticipated time period. Over the projection period, milk output is expected to increase at a moderate rate of less than 1% per year.

The fresh milk industry is being pushed by the continued expansion of fluid milk exports, which increased by 4% in 2017 following a 16 per cent gain in 2016. With growing health awareness among consumers worldwide, its demand has increased in recent years. 

Retailers are developing novel packaging methods to increase shelf life, which will enhance sales throughout the predicted period. The fresh milk industry is expected to expand further as more dairies switch to organic milk production. Organic milk accounted for 18% of total sales in the United States. At the moment, flavoured milk is the market leader.

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