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The project report for Goat Farm is as follows.

Dairy is an excellent source of secondary revenue for small/marginal farmers and farmworkers. In contrast to milk, livestock farming serves as a source of organic material for increasing soil fertility and crop yields.

Gobar gas from the excrement is often used as a substitute for residential uses and also for powering motors to take water from a well.

The excess food and farm by-products are used for livestock feed. Almost all drought power for farming activities and distribution is provided by bullocks.

The key winners of the livestock services are small/marginal farmers and landless workers.

The Indian dairy industry has immense potential which can be utilized with a concentrated strategy. INR worth 5,000 billion in 2016, 80 per cent of the sector remained disorganized.

Market Potential Of Goat Farm

In India, cooperatives and private dairies have exposure to just 20% of fresh milk. Roughly 34% of milk is marketed in an unorganized sector, whereas 46% is purchased locally.

This is in contrast with other developing countries, in which almost 90% of excess milk is transferred into the organized industry.

The cost of quality milk is irrelevant but there seemed to be a demand for that super expensive organic milk. Citizens are prepared to spend on things like this. The more consumers waste on such things, the healthier it is for the economy.

India has shown a considerable rise in per capita income, and the improvement in spending power has greatly increased buying power over the last decade.

Urban development has resulted in a significant increase in the need for packaged/processed food, positively affecting the dairy sector in the country.

In the age of smartphones and greater access to relevant insights, the Indian population has become aware of the health and quality of the commodity, which has contributed to an improved range of foods available in the country.

Project Report Sample On Goat Farm

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