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Project report for Groundnut Oil Mill is as follows.

The groundnut, often known as the peanut, is a member of the Fabaceae family (sometimes known as the bean, pea, or legume family). Groundnut oil, commonly known as peanut oil or Arachis oil, is a mildly flavoured vegetable oil made from peanuts.

Groundnut oil is a light yellow transparent edible oil with a clear colour and clarity, a nice aroma, and a pleasant taste that is generally simple to digest. Groundnut oil is high in unsaturated fatty acids, with 41.2 percent oleic acid and 37.6 percent linoleic acid. Palmitic acid, stearic acid, arachidic acid, and other unsaturated fatty acids account for 19.9% of the total.

Groundnut oil contains 80% unsaturated fatty acids, with oleic acid accounting for 50% and linoleic acid accounting for 30% of the overall fatty acid makeup. The oil in groundnut kernels accounts for 50-55 per cent of the total. Groundnut oil is a popular culinary oil all around the world.

The oil is high in nutrients. When eaten on a regular basis, it also decreases inflammation. It is claimed to keep several illnesses at bay, including cancer. Vitamin E aids in the maintenance of good skin health, making it appear young and healthy.

Market potential & Strategy

The worldwide groundnut oil market is extremely competitive, with significant companies competing fiercely. Furthermore, because peanut oil has no distinguishing characteristics when compared to other vegetable oils, demand is expected to stay stable during the projected period.

Because of its low amount of trans fats, saturated fats, and cholesterol, peanut oil is considered reasonably healthful. Furthermore, the nutty flavour provided by peanut oil is an important feature that is expected to drive up demand for peanut oil. However, the industry is growing due to the high price of peanut oil and increased demand for oil groundnuts.

In general, the cost of establishing a modest groundnut oil extraction facility is around $80,000 $10,000. We feel that this type of minimal capital expenditure project is an excellent option for new businesses. Groundnut or peanut oil is a vegetable oil that is used in cookery as well as the production of margarine and shortening. 

Groundnut oil is derived from groundnut kernels and is widely used around the world because people prefer peanut oil over other seed oils. Groundnut is one of the most important oilseeds produced in India, accounting for around 5.8 million hectares. The state of Gujarat takes the first position in groundnut oil production which is nine per cent of world production as the raw groundnut production is high in this area.

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