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Project report for Gul Udyog is as follows.

Gul udyog is an organic product made by condensing sugarcane juice and comes in a solid block and semi liquid shapes. Gul udyog serves an important part in today’s health-conscious period when everyone prefers healthy meals over regular meals. Non-centrifugal sugar is another name for it. Gul udyog contains a wide range of nutritional and therapeutic properties, as well as anti-carcinogenic and antitoxic properties. When compared with white sugar, it is said to be superior. For health reasons, sugar users nowadays are switching to other natural sweeteners.

In the preparation of numerous traditional dishes, Gul udyog is being used as a natural substitute for sugar as well as a flavour booster.

With the rise in health awareness, gul udyog has become a preferred choice amongst health enthusiasts, and the source from which it is derived determines its health factor.

Gul udyog is an unprocessed sugar made from sugarcane, palm sap, or coconut sap.

Market potential & Strategy

Sugarcane jaggery’s distinct flavour and feel are likely to boost the global Gul udyog market. It is made by boiling, churning, and sifting it using traditional ways; Gul udyog is generally consumed crystallised.

The demand for Gul udyog is projected to rise as individuals become more health aware. As a result, market growth is predicted to accelerate in the approaching years.

Gul udyog is high in antioxidants and minerals like zinc and selenium, which assist to protect the body from free radicals. It aids in the development of better immunity by increasing tolerance to infections.

This feature is expected to boost market expansion. An increase in raw material prices is likely to limit the market growth.

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