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The helmet manufacturing sector is expanding due to increased consumer spending and demand for safer helmets as the frequency of road accidents in India increases; sales of bike helmets are expected to increase across the country in the coming years. After the recent modification to the Motor Vehicle Act, it is now unlawful in India to ride a two-wheeler without wearing a helmet, and a commuter caught driving without a helmet is fined INR 1,000. (instead of old INR 100). More than 20 million two-wheelers are sold in India each year, demonstrating the strength of the country’s helmet industry. There is a lot of room for development and success for companies in India’s rapidly growing helmet industry.

A helmet is a type of protective headgear that is worn to protect the head. A helmet, in particular, supplements the skull in safeguarding the human brain. Sometimes ceremonial or symbolic helmets with no defensive purpose are worn. Soldiers use combat helmets, which are often composed of Kevlar or other lightweight synthetic fibres. Helmets are employed in hazardous work environments such as construction, mining, riot police, military aircraft, and transportation, such as motorcycle and bicycle helmets.

Full-face helmets are the preferred option for commuters since they give total protection in all weather situations. Open-face helmets are next in line; they are popular among female riders and are the preferred option in states where pillion rider helmet use is required. Today, helmet shell style, colour, and graphic possibilities are important factors to consider while making a buying decision. Smart helmets are outfitted with sensors and other attached equipment that collect data and information while also assisting users.

Aside from motorcyclists and bikers, they are typically utilised by construction workers and firefighters. These helmets are outfitted with video cameras and GPS mapping systems to aid users. A smart helmet may be connected to the internet and used to do a wide range of duties, including traffic monitoring, GPS navigation, built-in headphones, and even a heart rate monitor. It has a strong inner covering that is strengthened in the event of an accident, and it is designed to incorporate comprehensive safety procedures, such as sending instant notifications to friends and family in urgent situations with the push of a button.

Market Potential Of Helmet manufacturing

Motorcycle and scooter riders use two-wheeler helmets. The primary objective of a two-wheeler helmet is to protect the rider’s head during a collision, avoiding or decreasing head damage and potentially saving the rider’s life. As the world’s largest two-wheeler market, India is also the world’s largest market for scooter and motorbike helmets. Every year, 20 million two-wheelers are sold, with over 250 million two-wheelers on Indian roads. As a result, India has the world’s largest helmet market. As the world’s largest two-wheeler market, India is also the world’s largest market for scooter and motorbike helmets. After reaching a high of 21 million unit sales in 2018, sales fell precipitously for the next two years, ending at 18.5 million units in 2019 and 13.9 million units in 2020.

On Indian roadways, there are around 250 million two-wheelers. As a result, India has the world’s largest helmet market. The rising emphasis on reducing mobile phone use while riding has created a substantial potential for the development and marketing of innovative, feature-rich, and cutting-edge smart helmets. Growing product adoption among bike riders, along with expanding motorcycle sales, is likely to generate significant market growth opportunities in the near future. The smart helmets market is expanding as a result of increased safety and security concerns, as well as technical advancements in smart gadgets. According to reports, head injuries are the primary cause of mortality among motorcycle riders. Increased motorcycle production, along with an increase in the number of persons dying as a consequence of head injuries, will fuel global demand for advanced safety equipment like the smart helmet.

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