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The increasing trend in healthy eating behaviors and the general improvement of health awareness have created new market possibilities in the juice industry, demonstrated by the fact that the size of the industry tends to expand. Juice and smoothie bars are really a USD 2.2 billion industry worldwide, due in part towards how consumers have accepted juicing as a lifestyle.

 The scale of the juice bar market would inevitably continue to expand over the next few years. Milkshake bars, recognizing the market opportunity, are creeping into small locations which other caterers are unable to hit. Packaging a safe kick to boot, a lot of brands are popping up to satisfy fitness freaks.

Fresh fruit juice company or store is a wonderful chance for entrepreneurs looking to begin a new low-investment business. Changes in lifestyle and the need for good hygiene and healthy fruit juices are generating an rising market for new fruit juices in India. The fresh fruit juice business in India is mostly disorganized and undiscovered.

Market Potential Of Juice Shop

In India, with an growing understanding of the deterioration of health due to carbonated beverages, the cola sector has seen falling sales over the last few years and market share is projected to decrease significantly over the next five years. 

There is no question that growing perception of the health impacts of carbonated beverages has led some customers to reconsider the intake of colas. Though carbonates developed at 12.8 per cent CAGR in India from 2010-15, the juice industry grew at 27.3 per cent CAGR during the same span, according to KPMG. Nevertheless, the unorganised demand for fruit juices selling at smaller nearby shops has been around for many years.

However, there’s always been questions about the consistency, hygiene and quantity of sugar supplied by roadside outlets. As per industry analysts and market study, the total market size of the fresh fruit juice sector in India is about 3200 crore. The market is expected to grow at a rate of between 25% and 30%, due to factors such as urbanisation, increased disposable income and the entrance of major players into business.

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