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Project report for Ladies Garment Manufacturing is as follows.

The worldwide ladies garment market was worth USD 1,386.1 billion in 2018, with a CAGR of 4.7 percent projected from 2019 to 2025. The increase may be linked to a rising female population, an increase in the proportion of employed women, changing fashion tastes, and strong consumer buying capacity.

The increasing impact of social media and influencer is forcing producers to make new shapes and patterns on a regular basis. Moreover, businesses have been putting up efforts to broaden their customer base, either via e-commerce sites, promotions, superstar sponsorships, or style customisation to meet specific demands.

The better women-to-men ratio, as well as the growing percentage of employed females, are having a favourable influence on the market. As per figures from the World Bank, females make up approximately 39% of the global population. In the previous two decades, the number has risen steadily.

Manufacturers are constantly offering fashionable goods, adding to the industry’s expansion, as the feminine section of population has improved accessibility to and interaction with the internet, as well as decision-making freedom. The worldwide women’s clothing industry is anticipated to grow due to constant improvements in apparel trends, sponsorships, and fashion publications.

Market potential & Strategy

In 2020, women’s top wear had the biggest industry proportion of about 35%. The accessibility of a broad range of items is driving this increase. Shirts, tops, t-shirts, as well as other goods may be found on any random buying site or at a retail outlet. The accessibility of a wide range of patterns, including polos, ruffles and frills, wraps, asymmetric, tanks, and crops, and many others, is expected to boost development. Each of these items come in a range of materials, like silk, denim, cotton, shear, rayon, leather, and fake.

Clothing design usually comes in the form of solids, patterns, flowers, polkas, checks, and stripes, among several other things, to add to this variety. The rise has been fueled by diversity as well as the mix-and-match tendency. Millennials have already been gaining a solid footing as a result of shifting patterns, which would be expected to boost demand even more.

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