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Project report for Leno Bag is as follows.

In terms of lifespan, cleanliness, branding, and cost efficiency, Leno bags are a great packaging choice for fruits and vegetables. India is the second-largest producer of fruits and vegetables in the globe.

In India, there seems to be a large demand and prospective market for Leno Bags (81 KTA), which corresponds to 2700 Leno Looms.  Leno bag project report is an excellent investment potential for businesses and also assist current woven product producers boost their profit margins.

Leno is a kind of textile weaving which originated in the textile business. The next warp tape is wrapped across subsequent weft tapes to produce a spiral pair, thereby binding each weft in position in this style of weaving. The plastic weft is shaped into a “8” pattern that runs the length of the cloth. A bag constructed from this weave is known as a “Leno” bag.

Leno bags have great airflow and tensile and burst toughness, making them a suitable option to traditional packaging alternatives for agricultural and consumer objects. Rather than HDPE, PP is utilised to increase mechanical strength.

Market potential & Strategy

These bags are available in capacities varying from 10 kg to 80-1200 kg. The bags developed can hold up to 50 kg of weight and keep veggies and fruits fresh for longer periods of time. They are also robust, recyclable, and cleanable. They also have the advantages of being light weight and cost-effective.

In 2020, India consumed around 1350 KT of plastic raffia/tape. Since it has numerous benefits over HDPE, including as higher structural rigidity at a reduced weight, PP accounted for about 65 percent of this usage. After PP, HDPE is the second most commonly used material in the production of woven bags. Nevertheless, leno bags are made entirely of PP across the planet.

RIL, a raw material manufacturer, is expanding the industry for PP leno bags in India, primarily for the wrapping of vegetables and fruits. In India, it is believed that around 2000 MT of PP leno bags are now in use commercially. The market development company at Reliance estimates a potential market of approximately 180 KT. The abundant output of vegetables (59 million tonnes) and fruits (30 million tonnes) in India are the major drivers of this enormous potential. Moreover, customized systems can be utilised as covering sleeves for final items like crankshafts, gears, and other technical items.

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