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The project report for lentils or daal mil is as follows.

India is the biggest manufacturer and produces 14.5 million tons of pulses per annum. Pulses frequently referred to in India as dal are also an essential element both for people consuming vegetarian and non-vegetarian diets. Assam is the biggest manufacturer of pulses amongst these

Northeastern states. Pulses are one of the primary plant proteins in the Indian kitchen. There are many various pulse variants namely Chana, Mung, Masur, Urad, and Tuvar dal. Mung and Masur dal are mostly purchased in the north-eastern states of these. Transformation of pulse to dal by the milling.

Where dal is split into various shapes which makes it easy to cook. It is among the most essential food products, generally in the medium and small scale industry, and some volumes are often manually produced in the rural sector, generating inferior dal value leading to lower earnings especially in comparison to milled dal.

Market potential & Strategy

The per capita consumption of dal in India is around 2.8 kg per year. In the north-eastern area, pulse production is usually high, particularly in states such as Assam and Manipur.

Modestly, taking the national consumption standard of 2.8 kg and taking into consideration the overall population of 365 lakhs in this region, the requirement for pulses is approximated at 1.02.000 tonnes/year.

The northeastern region has no structured dal milling function. In rural areas, dal milling is often performed in rice hullers. In neighbouring areas of West Bengal, raw dal is usually stored in the unit, and milled dal rejoins the northeastern states.

The overall output of pulses in the north-eastern region is approximately 85,000 tons in a year, claiming that 80 per cent of this amount is available for dal milling, that perhaps the new small units handle 15 per cent of the accessible dal, there’s really room for setting up more than 15 tiny units with a yearly milling capability of 700 tonnes.

Project Report Sample On Lentils Or Daal Mill

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