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End-use sectors like construction, automotive, food and beverage, and textiles are expected to drive the melamine market expansion in India because of the material’s long-lasting, rigid, glossy, and stain- and wear-resistant qualities.

The melamine market benefits significantly from the increasing usage of melamine resin in the manufacturing of wood adhesive and the bonding of medium-density fiberboard and hardwood with laminates. Demand for laminate-based furniture and storage cabinets, as well as wood adhesives, is expected to soar due to rising residential and renovation activity.

We use many things in our homes every day, such as furniture, kitchen worktops and storage, bathroom cupboards, tableware, food storage bins, automobiles, and banknotes made from melamine-formaldehyde resin made from melamineā€”households, and hotels like unbreakable plastic tableware.

This is a powdered version of melamine formaldehyde. Cup and Saucer Sets, Plates, Bowls, and Dinner Plates are among the offerings. Non-toxic, lightweight, and unbreakable, Melamine Crockery has several benefits over traditional crockery.:: Various colors, patterns, and finishes are available for Melamine Crockery. C3H6N6 is the chemical formula of melamine, an organic molecule.

The triazine skeleton of this whitish solid is a trimer of cyanamide. When burned or charred, it releases nitrogen gas that acts as a fire retardant, similar to cyanamide. Sixty-seven percent of its mass is nitrogen.

Market potential & Strategy

From 2021 to 2028, the Melamine Market is expected to increase at a CAGR of 5.1% from its current value of INR 576.507 to INR 581.840 crores. Melamine-based foam, for example, is expected to be a big trend in the market shortly. With this study, you’ll learn everything you need to know about melamine worldwide.

Melamine’s superior flame resistance and sound absorption are other important factors driving the global market for the material. Such foams are employed in acoustic panels, metal ceiling panels, suspended baffles, and structures because they absorb sound. However, melamine’s high degree of toxicity is impeding the expansion of the business. The melamine-based foam may become a significant trend in the industry shortly. COVID-19 harmed the market in 2020.

Lockdowns imposed by the government have had an adverse effect on the market for building supplies, including laminates, paint, and wood adhesives, which have all been affected by the pandemic scenario. As a result, the melamine market saw a demand reduction. On the other hand, the construction sector is rapidly rebounding and is expected to expand in the future years, stimulating demand for melamine.

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