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A muffin is a baked item serving one or two people. Part-raisin flatbread and a cupcake-like quick bread are examples of this type of bread, which may be made by baking and then cooking on the grill or in a mould. 

Some quick bread muffins are created with savoury components like corn and cheese, despite being generally sweetened. New consumer habits and lifestyles in India have had an impact on the bread business. 

Bakery items are no longer only a special occasion treat but are instead consumed on a daily basis as part of a global movement toward healthier products and alternatives.

Such advances in muffins are being used to sell these items as healthy offers by manufacturers. It is not uncommon for savoury muffins to be filled with cheese, herbs, meat, and other ingredients. 

As a result of this trend, many bakers are also playing with the idea of incorporating both sweet and salty flavours into muffins. In the next few years, muffin consumption will rise due to the wide variety of flavours now available.

The expansion of the muffin market has been slowed by the various health risks associated with consuming high-calorie foods like muffins. 

Additionally, muffins are made with other ingredients, including chia seeds, fruits, and more, all of which contribute to the muffin’s nutritional content.

Market Potential Of Muffin

The muffins market is expected to increase by INR 880570 Crores between 2021 and 2025, with a CAGR of 3.15 per cent, and the industry’s growth velocity is expected to intensify. 

There has been a considerable increase in the demand for novel food items, which has resulted in an increase in the worldwide muffin market. A muffin is a single-serve baked food formed from the dough, which can be created with or without the addition of eggs and sugars.

It has been a recent trend for muffins to be made with healthy baking components such as whole grains and sugar alternatives. 

More and more natural and minimally processed ingredients are used in the muffins, which has also contributed to the expansion of this sector. Since the recent growth in culinary experimentation by customers, savoury muffins have become increasingly popular with consumers.

Because of their shifting tastes and preferences, they are willing to try new muffin flavours and variations. Manufacturers worldwide create fresh muffins that combine non-traditional ingredients like parsley, cheese, and other fillings into their recipes. 

With supermarkets’ growth of in-store bakeries and new private-label muffin items, muffin sales were gaining momentum in 2015. There has been a significant increase in the worldwide muffin market due to new malls and organised retail outlets in developing nations.

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