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The project report for Mustard oil is as follows.

Mustard oil is derived through mustard seeds, sometimes with a musky flavour and an unpleasant fragrance. There’s many three types of mustard oil commercially available, including B. Nigra (black mustard), B. Juncea (dark mustard) and B. Hirta (white mustard). Usually used for cooking purposes, it is often used in a variety of applications such as aromatherapy, pharmaceuticals, & soaps, etc. It is derived from two processes, including the crushing of the seeds used for the cooking oil attributed to the prevalence of fat oil and the crushing of the seeds, the drying of the seeds with water and the filtration process. The 2 process of extraction produces light pungent oil used as an essential oil for many other medicinal purposes.

Major components of mustard oil like an aperitif, stimulant, hair enhancer, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and many others improve market demand. It is called essential oil with many advantages to the skin and the body expects to raise the market for self-care and cosmetics.

Market potential & Strategy

Mustard oil is known as the oil of a poor man. The repositioning of oil, which emphasizes its nutritional benefits and taste, would make people like the oil. The production of mustard oil in India is also an unorganised industry. There are many 7,000-9,000 oil extraction units out of whom only 20% are recorded in the organised sector. Each year, oil demand is that at a pace of 20%. The requirement for this oil arises in rural communities and is constant due to the multi-uses. The rapeseed-mustard variants/hybrids contain 40-45% oil.

As part of this method of oil extraction, a large amount of oil (5-10 per cent) is remaining in rapeseed-mustard seed meal. There is indeed a clear need to concentrate mostly on advertising mustard oil. It allows to segment and places the product in accordance with needs and demand. Advertising also offers a pathway for goods to meet customers.

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