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Project report for Nail polish is as follows.

Expanding middle-class populations, the rise of companies like Nykaa and Purple in the e-commerce arena, and an increasing number of internet users contribute to the growth of India’s nail polish manufacturing business.

Furthermore, new product introductions have been driven by the increased demand for different varieties, resulting in a surge in the Nail Polish industry across the country. Nail polish manufacturers in India include Lakme Lever Private Limited, L’Oreal India Pvt. Ltd, Oriflame India Pvt. Ltd, Unilever India Exports Ltd., Lotus Herbals Private Limited, Bio Veda Action Research Co. (Biotique), Modi Revlon Pvt. Ltd., and Colorbar Cosmetics Pvt. Ltd., among others.

As a lacquer applied to the fingernail or toenail, nail polish or nail varnish is also known as nail enamel or nail lacquer. The recipe has been changed several times to improve its aesthetics and to prevent cracking or peeling. An organic polymer and various additional ingredients combine to form nail polish, which is then colored and textured. There are a wide variety of nail paint colors to choose from for manicures and pedicures.

Small bottles of liquid nail paint are sold, and a tiny brush is used to apply it. Applying the chemical hardens and develops an impermeable, water- and chip-resistant layer on the fingernail within minutes. Fingernail polish that is water- and chip-resistant is what we’re talking about here. After a few days of wear, a layer of nail paint will begin to flake and come off.

Nail polish remover, a chemical meant to break down and dissolve the polish, may also be used to remove it by hand. The Rhodophyceae class of seaweeds. In cold water, it is insoluble, but in hot water, it dissolves. When chilled to 34-43°C, a 1.5 percent solution produces a hard gel that does not melt below 85°C. A combination of galactose-based polysaccharides is present. Compared to carrageenan, the sulphation level of these polysaccharides is much lower.

Market Potential Of Nail Polish

As per a CAGR of 9.5%, the worldwide nail polish industry is predicted to reach $ 167 billion by 2024. The demand is expected to expand significantly due to the increased purchases by the adolescent population who want designer nails.

Salon and nail art studio visits are likely to climb due to the growing popularity of these establishments. Consumption is motivated by a shift in lifestyles and behavioral patterns. With more women becoming aware of the latest beauty trends and brands, the demand for enamel is sure to rise. Millennial women’s grooming routines include extensive use of nail art and extensions.

The development of nail paints with natural components and lower chemical content is predicted to increase demand substantially throughout the projection period. One of the essential parts of our grooming regimen is nail care. Diabetics and men with diabetes both maintain good nail care regimens. Nail care is necessary for people with diabetes since they are more susceptible to fungal infections of the nails.

Nail health depends on a diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids, biotin, and iron and avoiding exposure to harsh chemicals and pollution. Salons offering expert services are increasing at a rapid pace.

The expanding number of mobile-based applications offering doorstep salon services, together with the increasing number of such service providers, is likely to propel the market throughout the forecast period.

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