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What Is NDPREM Loan?


As a result of the global crisis and nationalisation measures in the GCC nations, a large number of migrants have lost their employment in their destination countries. The countries’ social and political instability is exacerbating the problem. The NORKA Department’s primary aim is the rehabilitation and reintegration of returns into society. NORKA is a one-stop shop established to fulfil a promise made by the Kerala government to its expatriate population. It aims to enhance the relationship between the NRKs and the Kerala government, as well as to be the climax of efforts to find answers to difficulties encountered by the NRK community. It is also an attempt to formalise the administrative system.

NDPREM Loan Details

Subsidies will be available after a four-year lock-in period. 

The initiative provides seed capital assistance of up to 30 lakhs. As a capital subsidy, 15% of the loan amount is provided. Interest subsidy of 3% each year for the first four years The following requirements must be met in order to get the subsidy. There should be no lapses in the payment of monthly interest. There should be no fraud or misappropriation of cash.


NDPRERLoan Eligibility

  • The applicant must be an NRK employee (Non-resident Keralites) The applicant must register with NORKA ROOTS.

  • The candidate must have a minimum of two years of work experience outside of the nation.. Societies, trusts, and corporations founded by a group of returnees are also eligible.

  • Furthermore, a capital subsidy of 15% and a loan interest refund of 3% are available.

Documents Needed For NDPREM Loan

  • The applicant must also submit soft copies of the Project Report in PDF format – Sharda Associates can assist with the financial proposal.
  • Passports and visas in PDF format
  • JPG file image of the applicant