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Project report for Noodles Manufacturing is as follows.

Noodles are among Asia’s greatest significant basic staple meals. Noodles are generally produced from unleavened wheat dough that is spread, extruded, or rolled into various forms before being sliced. Noodles contribute to around 20%–50% of Asia’s overall wheat consumption, as well as its appeal has spread to several nations beyond Asia.

Delicious fresh noodles, dried noodles, parboiled noodles, frozen noodles, steamed noodles, and instant noodles are some of the numerous varieties of noodles available. Fresh raw noodles are made without drying and have a moisture level of 32–38 per cent.

Because noodles are becoming more popular, introducing whole-grain noodles might be an efficient approach to encourage high-fibre food intake and improve medical benefits for individuals all over the world. Some varieties of commercial whole-grain noodles are currently accessible. Nevertheless, several obstacles must be addressed in order to increase the acceptability and appeal of whole-grain noodles.

Protein intake has a favourable relationship with noodle firmness and might have a negative relationship with flexibility. As a result, a proper protein concentration range is critical for textural qualities.

Market potential & Strategy

Consumer eating patterns have changed as a result of increased urbanisation and disposable money. Due to their hurried lifestyles, the working population today chooses low-cost, quick-to-prepare meals, like instant noodles. This change in their eating habits has generated a huge market potential for noodles.

Noodles are offered in a variety of tastes, as well as vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. Furthermore, in an attempt to increase its customer base, producers continue to develop new flavours, colours, textures, and spices, as well as tastemakers, based on local tastes and interests.

The expansion of the organised food retail sector, which includes a growing variety of retail shops, supermarkets, local stores, and grocery stores throughout the world, is projected to boost instant noodle sales.

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