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Project report for Oat flour is as follows.

Oat flour is used to increase the nutritional content of breakfast meals. Oat flour is used in bakery items as a nutritional and flavorful alternative to baking. 

Because of its usage in health care goods, oat flour has a significant market share in India in terms of volume. It reduces cholesterol, helps balance blood sugar levels, and prevents heart disease.

Oat flour demand is predicted to rise significantly throughout the forecast period due to its widespread use in the food and beverage industries. 

The utilisation of oat flour in cosmetic items such as oat flour creams, powders, moisturisers, and other skin care products is predicted to raise market demand, as is shifting customer preference for nutrient-rich products due to rising awareness of healthy living.

The oat is a kind of cereal grain. It is nourishment for humans as well as other animals such as chickens and horses. Oatmeal is a cereal made from oats. Animal bedding is made from oat straw. Porridge is exclusively made using full grain oats.

It is a fantastic addition to a well-balanced diet. Oats have high fibre content, both soluble and insoluble. Oats are a good source of energy. 

As a high source of complex carbs, they give a steady release of energy throughout the morning, reducing the need to eat ‘rapid energy release’ sugar-based meals. Protein may also be found in oats. Oatmeal is also an excellent source of vitamin B.

Market Potential Of Oat Flour

The worldwide oat flour market is predicted to reach and expand at a potential rate of 4.23 per cent during the forecast period of 2020 to 2027, with the market valued at INR 537,172.920 Crores by the end of the forecasted period. 

The demand for oat flour by dairy processing units for vegan dairy products has increased, as oat flour has all of the elements found in milk, such as carbs, lipids, protein, and other health advantages.

Furthermore, dairy makers utilize oats to retain the creamy texture of dairy products such as ice cream, yoghurt, and curd. 

As a result, demand for oat flour has increased, increasing worldwide market development. Consumer behaviour shifts as a result of changes in health, tastes, and purchasing patterns.

Customers are looking for a new “super grain” choice, and oats were among the first cereals to be enhanced in this capacity. The large players are collaborating with local and small businesses as a market opportunity to expand their product portfolio and worldwide visibility. 

Low carbohydrate, anti-cereal, and other appetites may influence demand for organic oats, and the industry is expected to expand in the future years.

During the pandemic, demand for oat flour soared as people sought dietary staples with a longer shelf life and that were healthy to ingest. 

Manufacturers are having manufacturing issues owing to a lack of raw materials and manpower. Following the pandemic, the market demand for oat flour will grow as customers seek nutritious food products that boost anti-oxidants in the body.

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