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Project report for Onion cold storage is as follows.

Onion storage under ventilation conditions is fairly acceptable when the temperature is kept between 25C and 30C and the relative humidity is kept between 65 and 70%. This climate decreases storage losses, which manifest as biological weight loss, decaying, and sprouting.

India is the country’s second producer of onions, after only China, responsible for 16% of total cultivated area and 10% of total output. Onion is grown on 0.39 million hectares in India, with an annual yield of 4.30 million tonnes (FAO,1995). The current year’s output (2013-14) is projected to be 4.7 million tonnes. The majority of onions produced in India are grown in Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Gujarat, and Haryana.

Current storage capacities are either insufficient or unscientific. Price volatility has been too high in recent years as a result of the oversupply scenario. To remedy the issue, the GOI intended to build adequate onion storage buildings both on farms and at market locations.

Market potential & Strategy

In India, the onion is most likely the most popular vegetable. It is a vegetable that is enjoyed throughout the year in all parts of the country. There are a few months when usage is lower, indicating that there is a need for onions all year. However, the onion is grown in three seasons, with the majority of onion output reaching the market between March and June. This must be accessible until November when the following crop’s product comes on the market. As a result, cold storage facilities for onions are in high demand in India.

Onion production in the world exceeds 50 million tonnes. China, the United States, the Soviet Union, the Netherlands, Spain, and Turkey are among the major producers. The majority of onions manufactured in India are grown in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Orissa, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu,  Andhra Pradesh, and Bihar. Maharashtra is the biggest producer, accounting for 20% of the land and 25% of the output.

In India, the current storage for onions is around 8.36 lakh tonnes. In comparison to the overall output of 27.52 lakh tonnes, this is extremely insufficient. Even the majority of the accessible buildings are conventional and scientific. If 40% of the stockpiles are designated for scientific storage, the capacity for additional storage buildings is around 5.40 lakh tonnes.

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