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Project report for Organic Farming is as follows.

Organic farming is a way of producing and managing for crops using natural resource rather than synthetic fertilisers and pesticides. Also prohibited is the use of genetically engineered organisms. Organic agricultural methods offer a lot of potential for providing nutritious, high-quality food to the globe. When compared to conventional kinds of agriculture, organic farming offers numerous environmental advantages, including improved soil fertility, less soil erosion, and lower greenhouse gas emissions. Organic foods, as opposed to conventional foods, assist to reduce dietary pesticide hazards to human health.

In comparison to traditional farms, organic farms provide foods that are rich in vitamins, enzymes, minerals, as well as other micronutrients. Those who have tried organically grown foods may testify to the truth that these have a more flavour and texture.

Market Potential Of Organic Farming

Organic farming is practised in approximately 178 nations around the globe. Organic farming is practised on roughly 57.8 million hectors of land across the globe. The organic farming industry is anticipated to expand at a 15 percent compound annual growth rate (CAGR). In all, it is projected that $290 million was spent on organic food, agricultural techniques, and research across the world. Farming businesses, on the other hand, are funding research, development, and infrastructure in attempt to improve the productivity and effectiveness of organic agricultural systems and tackle common farming issues such as pest management and soil quality.

Pesticide and chemical usage, as well as its spread into the food chain as a result of traditional farming techniques, has been a source of worry across the world. The worldwide market is projected to grow as consumers become more conscious of organic, safe foods and fresh food safety regulations for their health, as well as their desire to spend for organic farm products.

Numerous regulatory agencies are trying to give market sellers, traders, processors, farmers, and breeders a level playing field in order to promote organic farming across the globe.

They are enacting stronger standard precautions, focused primarily on pesticide contamination avoidance, increased global availability of organic seeds, and the introduction of new goods like essential oils and salt.

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