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Project report for Ornamental Fish is as follows.

Consumers have been reported to be more motivated to purchase these species due to their appealing traits as well as diverse attributes. People who prefer to watch ornamental aqua species glide serenely through the water are said to get a calming and relaxing impact. In addition, aquariums have become a popular addition to house décor. In the coming years, rising interest in keeping beautiful fishes, combined with the introduction of various sorts of exotic species with attractive colours, will fuel demand for these ornamental fishes.

In 2018, the global ornamental fish market was worth USD 5.0 billion. At a global level, the growing interest of millennials in colourful decorative fishes for aquariums as a component of the luxury lifestyle is likely to remain a crucial element in the industry’s growth. Moreover, different scientific studies have shown that the usage of ornamental fish in residential aquariums is likely to bring psychological benefits to millennials in terms of lowering stress and providing a positive experience after a daily demanding schedule.

Market potential & Strategy

Authorities in many nations, such as China and India, have been boosting domestic expenditure on tourism infrastructure improvements. This trend is projected to result in more new hotels and restaurants being built, which will expand the use of ornamental fish for decorative purposes in the coming years.

With a CAGR of 9.0 per cent from 2019 to 2025, marine fish species are predicted to be the fastest-growing segment. These species demand special treatment, but they have an appealing appearance that will expand the market in the next years.

Customers are willing to pay more for colourful, appealing fish to keep in their home aquariums when their disposable income rises. Furthermore, different scientific studies show that the usage of decorative fish in family aquariums delivers psychological benefits to household members, resulting in an increase in demand for ornamental fishes on the market. Aquariums are also said to reduce stress and give a calming impact on household members

The desire for a luxurious lifestyle is also assisting the ornamental fish market’s rise. Consumers like to purchase colourful decorative fish species as pets. In addition, rising limitations on keeping pets such as dogs and cats in high-rise residences are expected to boost ornamental fish demand in the future years. Other factors fueling the expansion of the ornamental fish market include the introduction and breeding of foreign species, as well as a growing interest in fish care.

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