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The project report for Piston Ring is as follows.

In 2017, worldwide sales of automobile piston rings exceeded 450 million units (Sets), with a potential 4.4 per cent CAGR through 2027. Sales are expected to total 660 million units (Sets) by the completion of the forecast timeframe 2019-2027. Automobile piston rings are indeed the metallic rings that sit within the cylinder as well as the piston and are therefore essential engine parts that enable the engine to run correctly.

The major tasks of automotive piston rings in a vehicle involve covering the cylinder to reduce the danger of gas leak throughout combustion, regulating the quantity of lubrication, discharging the heat generated upon ignition, and keeping the piston from banging against the cylinder walls.

Technological developments in engineering and production methods in the automobile sector, as well as the widespread adoption of ICEs (internal combustion engines) owing to sizeable knowledge of the impact of lowering carbon footprint are two main issues intended to generate huge benefits for automotive piston ring manufacturing companies over the forecast timeframe.

Market potential & Strategy

Over the next few years, the need for powertrains is projected to rise due to increased attention in green engine technology. Furthermore, reducing an automobile’s ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) is an effective technique to minimise gas emissions. For example, using steel in the manufacture of piston rings allows for the production of thinner rings, which has a lot of benefits.

A lightweight piston ring, for example, would fit more effectively against the gap, while a shorter radius provides greater durability. Both variables lead to a decrease in oil consumption and, as a result, to a decrease in the production of unstable particulates.

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