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The piston ring is among the most crucial components of the Diesel/Petrol engine. It is a fully accessible ring that aligns it into groove mostly on outer diameter of a piston in a reciprocating engine, such as an internal combustion engine or a steam engine. The primary purpose of the piston rings is to establish a seal between both the combustion chamber and the engine crankcase. The aim is to avoid exhaust gas gases from having to pass through the crankcase and oil from entering the combustion chamber.

In reciprocating engines, the 3 major role of piston rings are:
1. Trying to seal of the combustion / expansion chamber.
2. Promoting heat transfer from the piston to the wall of the cylinder.
3. Control of engine oil consumption.
All through compression and power strokes, the compression ring seals the combustion gases and protects them from blowing. Even though blow-by is not totally abolished, it remains within a permissible limits. The cylinder walls are lubed with oil all through compression and exhaust strokes by throwing off the connecting rod bearings.

Market potential & Strategy

Piston rings are usually created with cast iron. From the local foundries the blanks of cast rings of the requisite shape and quality requirements are obtained. Blanks are cleaned and also get ground after that. The blanks are subjected to a variety of processes, such as facing, rough diameter, rough bore, finish diameter and finish bore. Rings are usually machined to the desired thickness by having to turn, a method wherein the ring blank, also axially ground, is copied to inside and outside widths. When a segment equal to the available gap is cut off from the ring, it presumes the free shape that will offer it the needed radial pressure allocation once it is equipped to the cylinder.

Piston ring is among the most replaceable parts of diesel / oil engines. It has a high demand in the replaceable market and also in the new engine market. There has been a marked increase in the automotive industry in the last several years, which is a large market for it.

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