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The project report for Pizza shop is as follows.

Western culture had already penetrated in Indian society, and this is clearly apparent throughout the dresses people are wearing, the meal they eat, and the ways of life individuals lead. One of the things Indians are becoming a big admirer of is pizza. The pizza market in India is worth more than Rs 2,000 crores and has grown at a customer annual growth rate of 26% in the last 5 years. India is among the quickest increasing pizza markets in the world. Hyper urbanisation and improved standards of living make young people and families in India favour pizza as their favourite food. Approximately 75% of the market is covered by organised pizza outlets.

Besides them, there are several restaurants as well as fast-food chains which sell pizzas because of high demands throughout the Indian market. Everyone, particularly those who are in urban cities in India, has a busy life and prefers fast food to fine dining on a daily basis due to various fast delivery. Since these, most pizza shops assure delivery services within 30 minutes, which has gained prominence by many citizens.

Market potential & Strategy

The middle class of India as well as the younger generation are increasing fast, and it has resulted to an achievement and boom of the food industry. With much more expendable cash among working age population, people may not feel a pinch while engaging in outside food. There seem to be a range of promotional activities that have been carried out through pizza vendors like ‘buy 1 pizza and get 1 free’ to tempt consumers to eat the most pizzas at reasonable prices, we also can obey that. Nowadays, we observe two group of consumers – those who chose fast food to fast-paced life, and those that are healthy. Restaurants have therefore customized their solutions to meet the requirements of customers.

Rather than having standard topped pizzas, we could even allow individuals to select and choose pizza base, seasonings as well as other fillers. Health-conscious people can combine more vegetables and select thin crust pizzas while others who chose cheese could go with cheese fillers for pizzas. Pizza outlets throughout India had also managed to reach out from a larger customer base by letting personalization and as a consequence had also doubled their revenues.

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