Project Report For Plastic Pyrolysis Plant


The Project Report For Plastic Pyrolysis Plant is as Follows.

A pyrolysis plant is a recycling machine that can turn waste plastic, tyres, oil sludge, and coal tar oil into fuel oil. The pyrolysis plant’s ultimate products are mostly fuel oil (which can be further processed into diesel), carbon black, and signal gas. (Waste tyre steel wire). The pyrolysis plant is a renewable and environmentally friendly piece of equipment that processes garbage and converts it into electricity.

When the raw material waste tyre/plastic is heated in the reactor, the raw material produces some oil gas. When the oil gas passes through the condenser, it is condensed into liquid fuel oil. The oil gas that cannot be condensed will be recycled to the burner and used to heat the reactor. As a result, just a small amount of energy is required to power the pyrolysis unit. It’s quite energy efficient.

Pyrolysis Plant Working Process:

  • Feed the waste plastic into the pyrolysis reactor with the feeding machine, and then heat the pyrolysis reactor with fuel.
  • When the temperature of the pyrolysis reactor reaches a particular point, oil gas is created, and the oil gas is cooled down into pyrolysis oil via the cooling system.
  • Uncondensable yet flammable gas can be recycled via an industrial pressure vessel to heat a pyrolysis reactor.
  • Wait until the temperature of the pyrolysis reactor falls below 40 degrees before opening the carbon black discharge port of the pyrolysis reactor to discharge carbon black.
  • Collect the carbon black using the carbon black discharge equipment.
Project Report For Plastic Pyrolysis Plant

Advantage Of Plastic Pyrolysis Plant

Environmentally protection :- Our newly developed plastic pyrolysis plant is outfitted with effective dust removal and deodorization equipment to ensure that the facility does not cause additional secondary pollutants when treating waste plastic. In addition, the water utilised in the condensing system is recycled.

High efficiency :- The reactor of the plastic pyrolysis plant is built with a 360-degree all-directional thermal insulation layer, which may save heating heat in the furnace and reduce pyrolysis time in half. And the condensing system of the plastic pyrolysis plant uses a combination of vertical condensation and horizontal condensation to more efficiently cool the pyrolysis oil gas, considerably reducing cooling time and enhancing batch processing efficiency.

Lower consumption :- To reduce waste, our plastic pyrolysis plant may return non-condensing gas to the reactor to enhance fuel combustion and conserve fuel for clients.

Pyrolysis Plant Products

Fuel oil. :- Fuel oil is an excellent heating fuel that can be utilised in a variety of industries, including steel mills, boiler heating, heavy oil generators, cement plants, and so on. Furthermore, waste oil distillation machines may refine fuel oil into diesel fuel, which can be utilised in diesel generators, heavy machinery, or diesel fuel for warmth. The current market price of waste tyre pyrolysis oil is around $500 per tonne, and it is continuing to rise. As a result, waste tyre pyrolysis oil can generate enormous revenues for consumers.

Carbon black. :- Carbon black can be refined into different standards and utilised as an addition in paints, pigments, rubber products, and other items, just like coal. Many of our clients have made significant profits from carbon black, which has helped to alleviate the market’s carbon black shortage to some extent.

Market Potential Of Plastic Pyrolysis Plant

The global plastic pyrolysis plant market size was valued at USD 579.6 million in 2020 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.8% from 2021 to 2028, 

The growing amount of plastic garbage generated around the world, as well as the growing demand for sustainable and ecologically friendly waste management solutions, are driving the market for plastic pyrolysis machines. Plastic pyrolysis is a technique that converts waste plastic into valuable goods such as fuel oil, carbon black, and combustible gas.

The flash pyrolysis method is gaining popularity in the energy and chemical industries because of its potential for producing bio-based fuels, chemicals, and other value-added products. This method includes rapidly heating biomass or organic materials at high temperatures in the absence of oxygen, resulting in the decomposition of the feedstock into numerous useful components.The growing emphasis on transitioning to a low-carbon economy, as well as the growing need for sustainable alternatives, are fueling interest in flash pyrolysis.

The Asia Pacific region is experiencing a major increase in plastic trash output, which is being driven by causes such as population expansion, urbanization, and changing consumption patterns. This growing trend has produced an urgent need for efficient ways to manage plastic trash, with a special emphasis on the use of pyrolysis technology. Plastic garbage is increasing, necessitating appropriate management solutions to prevent pollution and reduce the burden on landfills.

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